Outside the Wire in Blue

The Untold True Story of American Cops downrange in the war on terror

A remarkable true to life story of servant leadership – police style

In Outside the Wire in Blue, co-authors and American police officers, David Shearman and James ‘JT” Taman, dramatically reveal the highly successful but little known DOD civilian law enforcement advisory program born out of the fierce fighting experienced in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006.

During this struggle, U.S. Army and Marine Corps leaders recognized that contemporary tactics and strategies were ineffective against an insurgency that acted more like thugs and criminals than a regular fighting force. The question that plagued these leaders was who within their arsenal of warriors understood organized crime, the mindset of street criminals, and the tactics and techniques of gangs. The solution was not found within the DOD. It was found in their brothers in blue, the American policeman.

Thus, began the DOD Law Enforcement Professional Program. A highly unusual and extremely unconventional project that quietly recruited veteran police officers from across the country and placed them smack dab on the front lines on the War on Terror. These street hardened cops, LEPs as they became known, who had already fought crime and done their time on the mean streets of America, laced up their combat boots, left retirement behind, and joined the ranks as Staff Advisors, and so much more, in the COIN fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although they were still civilians, these LEPs were outfitted as soldiers and treated as such. They ate, slept, laughed, cried and when necessary fought and died along-side our country’s finest warriors.

It’s a heartfelt and deeply inspirational story of a group of men who left their well earned retirement lives behind to serve their beloved nation once again. Bonded together by a lifetime of shared sacrifice and an unapologetic sense of patriotic duty, these great Americans didn’t return to the their old jobs as police officers working the mean streets of America’s cities but deployed with military units to the deadly battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan as senior law enforcement advisors to Combatant Commanders.

Blind Justice

A Novel

After returning home from years of working overseas for various unnamed entities and settling back into his private investigations and law enforcement training firm, Rick barely survives an attempt on his life. By all accounts, it appears as though he has been targeted for assassination. The questions are many. Could it be that an incident that Rick thought was ” handled” is rearing its ugly head and revenge is at hand? With the help of his old team of operators, Rick intends to connect the dotes and bring his would-be assassins to justice or gladly help them meet their maker.

Karachi Blind

A Novel

Location: Port of Karachi

MGRS GRID: 42RTN95304804

Date/Time Group: 050230APRIL2004

Message: Meet Captain, foreign vessel Gestalt; berth number 9, Pakistani Cargo Terminal, Port of Karachi. Determine best Couse of Action. Advise

The crew of the Norwegian cargo ship finished securing the lines and preparing the gangplank as Rick and Charlie watched from the shadows. Karachi, in 2005, was a hot bed for terrorists and terrorist groups of every slimy persuasion not to mention the agents of the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) who lurked around every corner.

How Rick found himself hiding in the shadows of the massive cranes and stacked containers in a city unmistakably the most dangerous piece of real estate in the world, post 9/11, wasn’t totally clear, even to him. But one thing was certain, he was about to learn the real reason why he had been unwittingly recruited a year ago by the unassuming man at the campus.